About Our Campaign

When I began this incredible political journey in 2006, I wanted to go to Annapolis to make a difference.  My goal was to represent those individuals who felt marginalized by the legislative process. When I walked through the communities that make up the 40th legislative district, I was disheartened by the volume of complaints I heard from the citizens; complaints that many times were not responded to by their elected officials.  Far too often, during my campaigning, residents of the 40thshared stories of how they reached out to individuals who were elected to serve without having their issues resolved.  In many instances, residents never even received a return call. My promise to them was to be a leader who is unbought, unbossed, unintimated and unafraid and to serve with integrity. I have kept that promise

Today, my mission remains the same as it was when I began and that is to be a voice for those who feel “left out” of the economic, educational and political discourse.  I take to heart when I say, “It’s about People and Progress, not Politics and Power”