This Campaign Is About Experience!

This campaign is about people and progress, not politics and power! The residents of the 40th District needs a Senator who will fight on their behalf. Senator Barbara Robinson has the experience needed to make a difference in Annapolis.

Dear Constituent

I am Senator Barbara Robinson. My life has been filled with many roadblocks, but I fought to overcome every obstacle placed in my path! My life struggles have prepared me for the challenges of representing the residents of the 40th District in Annapolis. As your Senator, I will work tirelessly fighting for you, ensuring that your voice is heard! Welcome to my website. I hope I can inspire you to join the team! #Robinson2018.
Issues I Stand On
  • Continue the fight to reduce gun violence
  • Decrease Domestic violence, child abuse, human trafficking, & sexual abuse
  • Increase animal safety and funding assistance
Jobs and Economic Development
  • Access to capital, small, minority, and women business development
  • Increase job opportunities & workforce development programs
  • Decrease blighted neighborhoods, food deserts & increase community revitalization
  • Transportation improvement & economic development increase
  • Financial literacy and entrepreneurship programs in high schools
Sustainable Livelihood
  • Increase programs for older adults
  • Access to affordable health care & opioid epidemic elimination
  • Homelessness decrease and livable wages increase
Operation Be Safe
This effort, launched by Senator Barbara Robinson of the 40th Legislative District in November 2017, is in response to unprecedented, dehumanizing and gratuitous levels of homicides in our city.
Senatorial Scholarship
Current high school seniors and full-time and part-time, degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students. Students attending a private career school may also apply.
Interested in volunteering with us? Let us know!

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